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Q: What are the fees associated with Diesel Boys Football programs?

A: Flag Football - $130. That registration fee includes a jersey, a pair of shorts, bag, insurance, league fees, field fees, and banquet. Fall Tackle Football - $500. That registration fee DOES NOT include helmet and shoulder pads (must provide your own, but it DOES include 2 game jerseys, 2 pair of pants, socks, t- shirt, sweat suit, water bottle, backpack, a USA Football Player and Parent Membership, end of season banquet, food and Gatorade at tournaments, league fees, insurance, referees, and field usage fees.


Q: What is “competitive" football?

A: This term misleads and concerns the new parent.  "Evaluations" or “Tryout” is a term used by the organization officials for the evaluation process of the numerous players.  All our participants have a place in our organization and there is a need for each child's physical skills to be evaluated.  These skills are evaluated not to embarrass the young child but to allow the Diesel Boys Organization to assure that teams are divided as equally as possible based on each individual child’s skill-set. Again, no child is turned away or told that he or she will not have a place in our program(s) based on physical skills. All such evaluations are kept confidential between organization officials. Here at the Diesel Boys Football, we believe that all youth should have the opportunity to be successful in everything that they do, and we want to afford everyone that opportunity. Our term “competitive football” is all about putting student athletes in winning situations on and off the field.


Q: My son has never played full-contact football before. What can he expect when practicing with the Diesel Boys for the first time?

 A: We take great pride in the knowledge level of our coaches, so we make sure that they all are USA Football Certified to teach “Heads Up” tackling and this wonderful game of football. For the first three days of practice, there is no contact. Once the first few days of contact begin in full pads, the coaching staff makes sure to ease all their players into full-contact, utilizing techniques such as performing drills at "half-speed", shortening the distance between contact, and ensuring that contact "match-ups" are always with someone of their skill and size. We take pride in teaching our players the correct techniques in football, maximizing safety on the field.


Q: What are practice and game times?

A: Practices are held 3 days a week for a maximum of 2 hours per practice for our tackle football league and 1 day a week for a maximum of 2 hours per practice for our Flag Football program. Practice days are to be determined by your son’s head coach. Most teams practice from 6-8pm on any given weekday and Sunday 1-3pm. Games are played on Saturdays and the times vary per age group.

Q: Do I need to purchase any additional equipment?

A: Yes, you will be responsible for purchasing for your player: helmet, shoulder pads, cleats, a mouthpiece, chin strap, practice pants, girdle, and practice jersey just to list a few. Diesel Boys Football provides game uniforms. These items can be purchased at any of your local sporting goods stores.


Q: I am worried because my son is small for his age, should I be concerned?

A: No, we have kids of all weight and sizes. All teams are formed with kids the same age. 


Q: How old does my son have to be to play?

A: To play on a Diesel Boys Football team, the player cannot turn a certain age before July 1st. The age breakdown is listed below: 


5 & under may not turn 6 prior to 7/1 of year of participation

6 & under may not turn 7 prior to 7/1 of year of participation

8 & under may not turn 9 prior to 7/1 of year of participation

Q: What can I do to get my player ready for football season?

A: A healthy diet is important. Have your player get into the habit of drinking plenty of fluids. It gets hot during the early part of the season, so the more he/she drinks the better prepared they will be. Conditioning is a big part of our program. Usually beginning the early parts of May we begin to have what we consider off-seasons workouts to get potential players into "game shape".


Q: Where are the games played?

A: In general, games will be played in surrounding Dekalb County and metro Atlanta. The schedule is generated by the league, Diesel Boys Football, does not determine where, when or who our opponents will be. 


Q: If my son doesn’t like it, can we have a refund?

A: Because we must pay league fees for each child registered as well as the cost of equipment including game jerseys before the season even starts, we have a NO REFUND policy.


Q: Do you have any coaching positions available?

A: All our Head Coaches are selected at the end of the previous season. However, you can check with our President in reference to a Head Coach position or an Assistant Coach position. 


Q: How long is the football season?

A: The first day of practice is usually at the beginning of May. When practice first begins the number of days is usually less and it increases the closer we get to the season. The season usually lasts approximately 12-14 weeks roughly and begins in August. Some teams will have at least one post season game at the end of November and/or beginning of December. This could change if your team plays deeper into the play-offs.


Q: What other charges may I incur throughout the season?

A: Your team may choose to participate in purchasing extra jerseys, apparel, providing snacks on game days, etc. Most teams will have an opportunity for parents to fund raise for these extra costs.


Q: What is “Certification”?

A: Certification is the process in which the league will verify that the players on each team are, in fact, in the right age group and they certify the rosters for the entire season.


Q: Do players ever get cut?                                                                                                              

A: NO! All players who sign up and come to practice will play on a team in one of our divisions.


Q: How much time is involved in the cheer program?    

A: The season begins in late June and there is practice 1 night per week, every week for about 2 hours each. Games begin in August. As we approach competition there will be additional practices.


Q: Can my daughter cheer for my son's team?         

A: We will only have 1 cheerleading squad, ages 4-8, which will cheer for all three teams on a rotation each week. The schedule will be presented to the parents prior to the season beginning.


Q: What makes Diesel Boys different from any other youth sports organization?

A: First and foremost, the Diesel Boys Organization is unlike any other youth sports organization when it comes to meeting the needs of the whole child. Our goal is to nurture and strengthen the mental, spiritual, and physical development of our participants. We do this through positive reinforcement and encouragement along with teaching discipline, self-control, and work ethic in practice and games. Our goal is to help our parents cultivate strong, confident, respectful, caring, and determined young men.  We are not a youth sports organization, but a youth development organization. The founding members of Intentionally Great, Inc and the Diesel Boys Football Organization have created what we believe to be an excellent set of principles that we are governed by. We are proud of our differences and believe that coaches should not curse at our players or parents, nor should there be any smoking at practices or games. We believe children’s innocence should be protected while they are in the beginning phases of learning how to navigate life. Besides, we all know that the best chance for a strong future in any endeavor lies in a strong foundation being developed today. As stated in our mission statement we want to reach and teach the "whole" child.


Q: What should I do if I experience a problem with the Diesel Boys Football or Dynasty Cheer Organization?       

A: We are all human and will all make mistakes, and any program that involves humans will have conflicts and disagreement. If you should have a problem with where or how your child is playing, first address the issue with the coach. To ensure communication is done in good taste and with a level head, please wait until the following day to address your child’s coach about any game-day concerns or issues. Refrain from addressing the coach the same day. If the problem is still not resolved or if you do not feel comfortable speaking with the coach, please contact our Organization’s Public and Parent Relations Manager. Please remember that all the board members and coaches are volunteers and ultimately want what’s best for your child, the team, and organization.


Q: Why am I asked to sign a Parent Code of Conduct?

A: This is a form developed to remind parents of their commitment to the Diesel Boys Football Organization. Some parents and coaches can allow the "will to win" to override the best interest of the children. If this were to happen, we wish to have something to remind parents and coaches of the true purpose of the game.



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