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Fall Football

We are a competitive youth football program where our aim and goal are to develop in youth Discipline and Work Ethic that will yield the skills to win both on the field and in life.

The Diesel Boys welcome all participants to the Diesel Family, and we do not hold try outs for our teams. All participants have a place in our organization and there is a need for each child's physical skills to be evaluated only for placement. The Diesel Boys coaches and staff are committed to the development and coaching of all players, and we believe that all youth should have the opportunity to be successful in everything that they do. Our coaching staff is committed to providing feedback to parents on their player’s skills and improvement along with tips on how to further improvement. We pride ourselves in not just winning football games but having quality coaches that serve as role models to the kids and realize that their job is to be a role model, a father figure, a disciplinarian, as well as a coach. Diesel Boys Football does not have a playing time rule, though all coaches are encouraged to get every kid in every game.


Participant's age is as of July 1st




Diesel Boys will furnish 2 game jerseys, 2 pair of pants, socks, t- shirt, sweat suit, water bottle, backpack, a USA Football Player and Parent Membership, end of season banquet, food and Gatorade at tournaments, league fees, insurance, referees, and field usage fees. Additional items needed for football that Diesel Boys Does Not provide are:

1. Helmet
2. Shoulder Pads
3. Cleats
4. Practice pants and jersey
**Depending on your team, additional items may be needed. This will be at the Parent or Guardian’s expense. Check with your Coach for more details.



The registration rate is $500, NO Equipment provided.  $40 late fee additional after registration deadline after July 15th.  



We accept cash, credit cards, certified checks or money orders. All monies are due at the time of registration. All returned checks will be assessed a $35 additional Fee.



The refund policy for Diesel Boys Football will be strictly enforced. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE whether your child attends any practices or plays or participates or not.   



All parents must provide Diesel Boys Football a Georgia State ID of their child. All Georgia State ID’s should be turned in to the child’s coach or team manager prior to August 1st. 



All team and individual pictures will be scheduled by the organization. All football players and cheerleaders are to be fully dressed in their uniform choice of the team. All football and cheerleading teams are to report to our home field at their appointed times. 



Each child is REQUIRED to have a physical due to the nature of the sport prior to May 1st .



Practice for Football and Cheerleading will begin officially in July. Practice is held any day of the week until the first day of school. Once school begins, practice will be only three (3) days a week, typically Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please try to have your child to practice on time. Please remember to be on time to pick up your child after practice. Parents are REQUIRED to stay and view AT LEAST one full practice a week to be able to see how their player is progressing and where improvement and growth is needed.  Each team will set its own times for practice not to last later than 8:30 pm on school nights. Games are usually played on Saturdays. The actual days that the games will be played will be determined once the schedule has been finalized by the league. Diesel Boys Football has no control or input over the league schedule. Once the league schedule has been issued, we will issue it to the coaches to pass along to all parents, as well as post it on our website.  



Each football player will have to attend the pre-season certification. Each team will be given a date and time to certify their players. Your Coach or Team Manager will notify you of the date and time your child is scheduled for certification. Parents, please make the necessary arrangements, so that your child does not miss certification. There will be no make-up dates. If your child misses or does not make certification, Diesel Boys Football will not refund your money and your child will not be allowed to participate in league games. You must provide your Team Manager with a hard copy of your child’s Georgia State ID.



All Diesel Boys football teams are required to be uniform. This includes the game jersey and pants provided. All other items required by the coach must be purchased by the parent/guardian to ensure that all our participants are uniform.



Phone 678-237-9660

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