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HS College Recruiting

Getting recruited as a high school student-athlete has become a part time job for many parents. If you have aspirations of your child to receive a scholarship to play a sport on the collegiate level it also takes effort off the field as well. Gone are the days where one could simply complete an athlete questionnaire and gain the interests of college coaches and recruiters. We are here to remove that burden from you…


Here at Intentionally Great, Inc., we are very intentional in our recruiting assistance to the young men and women that we service. We begin our recruiting program for students in grade 8 and continue through grade 12, if the recruiting process is still ongoing. 

What does our student athlete recruiting program consist of?
  • Transcript review

  • Tutoring referrals and set up as needed

  • Highlight Tape evaluation, review, and feedback

  • Highlight Tape Distribution to appropriate level colleges

  • Camp Selection

  • Combine Prep Training

  • Guidance on Interviewing and Q&A with college coaches

  • Face-to-Face Recruiting Trips to colleges to help build relationships with college coaches

    • Spring- Junior Day, Camps, and scholarship offers

    • Summer-Camps for college coach’s evaluations

    • Fall-Visits during football games to experience life as a student-athlete at that school

For more information on registration of your student-athlete, call 678-212-3253, ext 1.

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